Rybárna Fish Bistro


Visual Identity, Web Design

About the project

We created a website that helps to improve the brand’s representation and to level up the fish shop and bistro, giving to Ostrava the fresh fish it deserves.

The Rybarna is a wonderful business. Its growth and popularity is organic and powered by honest efforts of its owners, can you imagine anything better? However, this comes at a price, and, in this case, a part of it was an outdated website. It did not match its brand perception and business goals.

There are two sides to Rybarna’s business, one of them is being a bistro and the other one is a store. We constructed the website carefully to give both of them an equal weight.

When changing the website, we aimed to make it more classy and elegant while still focusing on the specifics of the brand.

Even though we were not supposed to redesign the logo, we could not help ourselves. We suggested a more practical fish symbol. Unfortunately, our fish came second in Rybarna’s Facebook page poll and it is not going to be used.