Visual Identity, Marketing

About the project

Blacktag has participated in the Czechdesign competition to create a visual identity for the national gallery. The GHMP visual identity is built on the idea of the uniqueness of the gallery compared to other exhibition venues in Prague as it’s the largest and the most important gallery in the city.
Following this, we created a symbol – capital letter G – that unfolds the value of the gallery. We wanted to achieve the influential effect on the audience such as one the letter M for the metro creates. Letter G is a separate symbol that plays the primary role in visual identity.
The secondary role in the design play letters HMP as an abbreviation for “the capital of Prague”. Their size is given by half the length of the outer vertical sides of the letter G. The size of the explanatory label, which closes the logo, is another half of the outer vertical side of the letter G.
Letter G could serve as an inspiration for the gallery’s communication campaign, posters and any other identity design.

As a versatile poster template, we have chosen a frame with an outline of the logo GHMP, which can be placed anywhere on the frame as required by the poster.