Rybárna Fish Bistro


Visual Identity, Web Design

About project

Matching the website with the brand’s perception
Giving Ostrava the fresh fish it deserves
Helping to level up a fish shop and bistro


Rybarna is a wonderful business. Its growth and popularity is organic and powered by honest efforts of its owners, can you imagine anything better? However, this comes at a price, and in this case, a part of it was an outdated website. It did not match its brand perception and business goals.


There are two sides to Rybarna’s business, one of them being a bistro and the other is a store. We constructed the website carefully to give both of them an equal weight.
We couldn’t have picked a better time to rework the website – Rybarna was also moving into a
When reworking the website, we aimed to make it more classy and elegant while still focusing on both sides of the business: the bistro and the fish store.


Even though we were not supposed to redesign the branding, we could not help ourselves. We suggested a more practical fish symbol.
Unfortunately, our fish came second in Rybarna’s Facebook page poll and it is not going to be used.